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Clay Shooting Disciplines

At Park Farm we continually strive to provide you with the best possible clay pigeon shooting facilities. With multiple disciplines available including: Automatic Ball Trap (ABT), Universal Trench (UT), Down The Line (DTL), Compak Sporting, English sporting and English skeet, we are confident that you’ll have a fun and challenging days shooting, regardless of your shooting abilities.


English Sporting

Sporting is as near as possible to shooting real live quarry. The targets simulate rabbits, crows, pigeons, duck, pheasants and many more, they are shot from many different positions or stands and vary in the degree of difficulty. This is a very sociable discipline as you walk from stand to stand with your friends.


Compak Sporting

Our Compak Sporting layout allows you to shoot all the usual targets from English sporting, but combined into a competition that is shot in a small area. It provides the opportunity to hone your shooting skills before tackling our much more challenging English Sporting layout. This is an ideal discipline to have a go at when the weather is less favourable as the stands are undercover.


English Skeet

Skeet is a discipline that consists of close range targets shot in singles and pairs in a round of 25 targets. The targets are fired horizontally over the range from two houses of different heights, one high and one low house. A group of 5 or 6 shooters will each take it in turn to shoot from each of the firing positions. The first targets fired would be two singles (high house, then low), followed by a simultaneous pair. It is very addictive and at first appears to be easier than it actually is.

Trap - DTL, UT & ABT


Down the Line (DTL) is the most popular trap discipline in the UK. Targets are thrown away from the shooters from a single trap, with the shooters standing 16 yards behind the firing house, where they fire at the rising targets.

Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) is second in popularity to DTL. Just like with DTL, ABT targets travel away from the shooter but are much faster and have a greater range of angles and heights than DTL (not recommended for the novice shooter).

Universal Trench (UT) – 5 traps are mounted in a trench with each trap fixed to throw certain distances and angles. Shooters get one target from each trap on each of the 5 shooting positions, making this a truly fair discipline.

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